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Your wedding day shouldn't look like everyone else's because vou're not like everyone else!! We will design and produce a Larger Than Life wedding day just for you and your bae!! Larger Than Life florals, custom graphics and stationary, signature vinyl floor installation, velvet drapes, and so much more! Your love is our love and our ultimate goal is a seamless design that is a reflection of your personality, and creative enough to be more than what you could ever imagine!

SHAKERA + HAMEED Trad-15.jpg

Shakera + Hameed Bello at Stan Mansion-Chicago

Ambria + Ryan-13.jpg

Ambria + Ryan at Westin Savannah Harbor

Ashley + Jeffery-08.jpg

Ashley + Jeffery at Sacred Heart Cultural Center- Augusta, GA

Jessica + Adrienne-02.jpg

Jessica + Adrienne

Bennett Wedding-05.jpg

Bennett Vow Renewal

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